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Dr. Dahlia Mostafa for VP Communications


Dear everyone...I am excited that we are counting down towards the Annual General Meeting of the  United Conservative Party at Calgary, Alberta, where the 2023 UCP Board of Directors Elections will be taking place..."WELCOME" to my website. Thank you for stopping by to get to know me and my platform.

I am Dr. Dahlia Mostafa, Pres. & CEO of the Canadian Life Transformation Academy. I am an Award-Winning Professional Certified Master Life Coach, Mental Health, Marriage, Youth & Family Counsellor. I am a Certified Trainer, a TEDx Speaker, a Leadership Consultant, a Ph.D. Fellow, an Author, and an International Lecturer. I am a Humanitarian and a Philanthropist With 25 Years of Executive Leadership & 57 International Awards including two Royal Medals from Queen Elizabeth II. People view me as a Source of Inspiration & Motivation and this is how I was named The Woman of Inspiration across Canada, by One Woman Foundation, in 2017, 2018 and 2019. I am Dedicated to awaken souls around the globe; Gifted to touch the life of others, Empower their mind, Rejuvenate their soul, and help them Achieve their goals. I traveled the world, succeeded to build bridges across different cultures, embraced humanity and charity and became a voice of change and empowerment for so many around the globe. I am fluent in English, French & Arabic. I regularly appear on TV, Social Media and I am actively engaged with more than Half a Million Facebook Fans following my writings and inspirational Radio & Video Shows. I love to smile, live in joy, harmony & inner peace, practicing gratitude and rejoicing in blessings. My life has been a journey of wonderful miracles & beautiful dreams coming true towards a path full of success. I believe in sharing and caring as well as being a responsible citizen who practices Social Responsibility and who Connects, Communicates and Cooperates with everyone around to build our Wild Rose Country Alberta, Our Canada and the world at large.

I grew up in a warm and cozy family. Both my Mother and Father were divine gifts in my life. I am so grateful for the way they raised me and reinforced blooming seeds of Values, Ethics, and Morals within my soul. May their soul rest in peace. And then I was divinely gifted again with the love of my life, my husband Ahmed and our  Precious 8 years old son, Ramsey. Ahmed and I raise Ramsey by Modelling. We want him to be a constructive citizen who gives his best to Alberta, Canada, and the world at large. And Yes, it is such a blessing to have family support because in my humble opinion, Stability is a Strength Pillar as we are Building towards growth, development and prosperity.   




    I spend 8 hours of  my day at my clinic actively listening to my clients, listening to them with the ear of my heart. I use my Education, Experience, Knowledge and Best Practices to see them for who they are. Some of them struggle to be seen and heard, while others have barriers to communicate. And Lots of them feel insecure to the limit that they barely reach out, they are cocooning deep within themselves.

    I love connecting, assessing and evaluating, creating a safe space for them in my clinic to be who they want to be and who they want to become. Most of the time, there are things they need to leave behind, detach from and heal from. On a day to day basis,  I remind them to first and foremost Connect with themselves, check their emotions and thoughts, be respectful of their finding, and it is their decision whether they want to keep it, discard it, reframe it, change it or amplify it. Controlling both our Emotions and Thoughts is the basic foundation to introduce Stability in our life. When Positivity blends with Stability, this is when our Communication Dynamo picks up momentum to encourage us to surpass the fear zone, take a leap of faith, and leave our comfort zone as we respond to a burning desire intertwining with our logic and expanding our limits, abilities and capabilities to sail, observe, explore, reach new horizons and Cooperate with others around us so we can all contribute to the "Build Up Process". 

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Life & Politics


    I am proud Canadian of an Egyptian Descent. My personal mission is to help individuals around the world, to bring out the best in them, and help them create a fulfilling way of living. In my professional life, I help individuals, families and youth to achieve personal success - I see running for VP of Communications as a way to extend this mission to help improve the quality of life for all Albertans. 

    In life and in politics, I believe stability is the key to success. When individuals, families and organizations prioritize stability; they are able to better face any challenge that comes their way. It is my hope that I can bring my unique skills and experience to strengthen the UCP party and enhance member experience.

    My commitment to diversity, advocacy, and genuine and authentic communication is the driving force behind my candidacy. I am eager to support the party, serve the party and help the party to succeed and superexceed expectations. I am eager to connect with fellow UCP members, Albertans and the Government to create and build Bridges that provide Equal Connections between all of us to bring our Ideas, Proposals, Questions, and Differences to a full Representation that makes us all feel heard and included via effective, reliable,  transparent, and successful Communication that propels us forward to deliver our goals & Commitment towards our UCP Party members & towards ALBERTANS as well.

Please Read my full platform,


Dahlia Mostafa, Professional Certified Life Coach, Soul Coach, Executive Business Coach, Calgary, Canada, NLP, Youth Coaching & Mentoring, Awakening Souls for Aspiring Goals, International Public Speaker, Author, Writer, Inspirations, Motivation, Inspiring
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My Commitments

  With an unwavering dedication to fostering stability and success for individuals, families and organizations, I am committed to building bridges between UCP members, ensuring
their voices are heard, and fostering o
pen and constructive dialogue among all party stakeholders.
       As I seek the support of the membership for VP of Communications, I am dedicated to the principles of connect, communicate, and cooperate as detailed in my proposed platform below.” 

I aim to foster a stronger and more inclusive party where every member's voice matters and I need the grassroots support to make that vision a reality. I believe that effective communication is key to a strong and unified party, which is why I am so excited about the opportunity to serve the party as VP Communications. I look forward to working collaboratively with all members and being a proactive advocate for their voices to be represented at the board level. I firmly believes that by enhancing communication and unity within the UCP, the party can grow stronger and better represent the interests of all its members.



Connect, Communicate & Cooperate

As VP of Communications, my commitment to CONNECT, COMMUNICATE, and COOPERATE with members outlines an unwavering dedication to an open, inclusive, and collaborative party where the voices of all members are heard and valued.

I believe that fostering connection with our members, particularly those who may have been inactive or are new to the party, is vital in ensuring our continued success. To facilitate increased connection and build community amongst members I would:
 Identify “silent” or inactive members through membership data analysis and send personalized outreach or invitations to participate.
 Implement non-traditional events (at the provincial and CA level) that are cost-inclusive and target the engagement of inactive members.
 Maintain a consistent communication schedule for events and policy initiatives to keep members informed and engaged.
 Monitor and report to the board on the effectiveness of the Party’s communications and engagement efforts. Adjust strategy based on feedback and target demographics (ex. Youth vs Senior Outreach).

The party should strive to proactively communicate with Constituency Associations (CAs) and the broader membership on policy matters, current events, and governance changes. I believe communications can be enhanced by encouraging the party to:
 Proactively communicate with CAs and broader membership on policy, current events, and governance changes.
 Offer policy initiative briefings, webinars, and educational materials to members. Make training sessions available to empower members to actively participate in the political process (both policy development and campaign skills).
 Utilize online surveys to gather members' opinions on upcoming policy initiatives and provide this valuable input to the board and caucus.


Cooperation should be at the heart of our party’s approach to communication. Members deserve to have their voices not only heard, but effectively represented during board discussion. If elected VP of Communications, I will use my voice to advocate for members and ensure the board is taking a collaborative approach to communications, policy initiatives and governance.

 Ensure party communications are designed with the goal of increasing meaningful engagement of members; cooperating with both individual members and CAs.
 Increase opportunities for low-cost virtual or in-person town hall meetings to increase cooperative dialogue between party leadership, CAs and members.
 Establish easily accessible feedback mechanisms (email, phone lines, survey, email) to capture input from members.


Awakening Souls for Aspiring Goals.


Dahlia...Your sweet, powerful essence & incredible wisdom deeply touches my core and soul. Knowing you allowed me to explore my greatest potential and unleash the leader inside of me. Thank you for holding my space sacred. You touch my heart with your beauty...


Stephanie Johnson

Beloved Dahlia...Love radiates through you and has touched my heart and no doubt many more. Your warmth provides a safe harbour and your wisdom guides all through rough waters. You are LOVE, you are a WARRIOR, you are a GUIDE & a MAGNIFICENT SOUL...


Catherine Hickey

Dahlia...The sound of your name is music to the ear, the vision of your smiling face is a symbol of all that is good, kind, caring, and what good looks like in the world. Your presence brings joy to all you encounter...The innocence of a child, the wisdom of an old soul, the giving & caring spirit of Source, the courage of one who knows no fear, the curiosity and can-do attitude, all of this truly make you a role model for mankind. May your life be blessed with all that is wonderful. May your future children know that you are Love & that you are Loved by many & how lucky they will be. Love & Light...



Joan Clark

My Dear Dahlia...The world is a better place having you in it, You are a gift and a radiant light. I feel so blessed to have worked with you through Soul Coaching. Your clients are held safe in a sacred space. I wish you love, joy, and abundance in every aspect of your life. Much love...


Elaine Floriolli

Dear Dahlia...Your spirit is so gentle & sweet. You are wise beyond years. You have a beautiful voice that is so relaxing. May love and divine light follow you always. Love & Light..



Kathy Bucholska


Dahlia Mostafa, Professional Certified Life Coach, Soul Coach, Executive Business Coach, Calgary, Canada, NLP, Youth Coaching & Mentoring, Awakening Souls for Aspiring Goals, International Public Speaker, Author, Writer, Inspirations, Motivation, Inspiring
Dahlia Mostafa, Professional Certified Life Coach, Soul Coach, Executive Business Coach, Calgary, Canada, NLP, Youth Coaching & Mentoring, Awakening Souls for Aspiring Goals, International Public Speaker, Author, Writer, Inspirations, Motivation, Inspiring
Dahlia Mostafa, Professional Certified Life Coach, Soul Coach, Executive Business Coach, Calgary, Canada, NLP, Youth Coaching & Mentoring, Awakening Souls for Aspiring Goals, International Public Speaker, Author, Writer, Inspirations, Motivation, Inspiring
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